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    We always dreaming of quality doors that would be perfect for our home, but somthimes we can’t afford these doors and that make us choose cheaper and less reliable doors. This is a tricky choice because cheap, thin doors are like props that cannot protect a home from thieves and burglars. What to do? We found a solution how to buy good doors in every home!

    In cooperation with Incredit, the door can now be purchased on loan, now you can slplit payment in several parts! This is a great solution for those who urgently need to replace the door, for example, if the door is damaged, remains unsafe or you saw how thieves try to enter the apartment or house. Safety should come first and finances shouldn’t be an problem, which is why we’ve taken care of this opportunity for customers who want to split this big purchase into reasonable, split payments.

    The loan can also be used to pay for our other services, including replacing locks and fixing doors. This is an opportunity how to make urgent repairs and make sure that the house or apartment is protected! The loan will also help those who want to plan their budget for the long term and do not want to make large purchases right away

    We are working together with InCREDIT loan

    Rate of 0%

    Promotion is valid until 12/31/2020

    Example: issuing 500 euros for 10 months, monthly payment 55.00 euros, contract control 10.00% – 50.00 euros.
    Total amount 550,00 euros.
    23.45%, annual interest rate 0.00%.

    Few things you must have to get a loan:

    • be a permanent resident of Latvia between the ages of 21 and 70

    • have a declared place of residence in the Republic of Latvia

    • have a current account in any of the banks in Latvia

    • have regular income that allows you to pay off the loan

    • Loan amount from 70 EUR to 10,000 EUR

    • Loan term up to 60 months

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