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    Metal exterior doors for all apartment and private house types
    Metal exterior doors for MetaLux apartments are safe, durable, visually attractive and meet all the requirements of life in bad weather conditions. We know that several things are important to customers, such as the level of security of the door, thermal insulation properties, door fittings and its quality, equipment, as well as exterior and interior door decoration.
    Metal exterior doors are able to make happy customers with the highest requirements. MetaLux is a company that already represents a metal door manufacturing company in 15 countries around the world.
    MetaLux offers to buy more than four hundred door models in ten collections: “Status”, “Elite”, “Triumph”, “Trend”, “Standard”, “Grand”, “Milano”, “Bunker”, “ArtWood” and ” GrandWood “.
    The biggest problem of exterior doors and their constructions is the temperature changes when the door comes into contact with warm indoor and cold outdoor air.
    High-quality metal door for the apartment
    Metal exterior doors can be installed in various rooms and buildings, as well as in apartments and private houses. Metal exterior doors for the apartment today are manufactured both with high thermal insulation, preventing cold from entering in the home, and with a good and durable lock system, protecting the home from thieves. Metal doors shoud be made of sheets at least 1.5 mm thick, while the lock system must consist of two types of locks. This will protect the home and make all residents feel safe. It is best if one of the locks is a three-point “lock” type lock, and the door is additionally equipped with an anti-burglary system. If you have such a metal door in your apartment, then you can leave home for a longer time without worries.
    In nowadays you can fully trust Metalux brand, which are high-quality metal doors, it means they will be perfect for an apartment and a private house. Metal exterior doors will be a good solution for the apartment, because they are not exposed to direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions. As well, a metal doors can be installed in a private house, which provide the necessary comfort inside the house.
    MetaLux metal door for houses
    All materials used in the production process of MetaLux brand doors, various technologies are used for sound transmission, which in combination form excellent sound insulation.
    The company MetaLux uses a solution that provides  good heat management and sound insulation. Different types of materials are combined, such as mineral wool with penofol and wood boards. This combination provides maximum sound and heat insulation. Nowadays, everyone can be confused in front of a wide choice, the metal exterior door for the apartment can be chosen both in terms of price and other functions.
    Since every apartment owner wants to buy a safe and trustfull metal door, we know that MetaLux has something to offer you. However, it is up to each landlord to choose a door that would protect his apartment. It can be an metal exterior door, plastic or wood, cheaper or more expensive, it is important be happy with purchase and not to waste money. As we all know for a long time, the higher quality of the door always comes together the higher the price.
    We recommend choose MetaLux brand metal doors.

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