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  • Installation instructions for metal doors

    Preparing the door for installation:

    * If the customer makes delivery – installation.

    * Upon receipt of the door, make sure that the packaging is not damaged or scratched. If the package is scratched, it must be photographed before opening the package. (This inspection is carried out in conjunction with the employee who picks up the goods from the warehouse or during delivery.) After inspecting the package, you must sign a report stating that this inspection was carried out and that the packaging of the goods was not damaged.

    * The product must be unpacked carefully, without tearing the packaging.

    * Unpacking:

    # Lay the door on a clean, smooth surface with the outer panel facing down.

    # Cut the slings, close the carton.

    # Carefully lift the door vertically, open the door 90 degrees in relation to the frame.

    (* Keys and hardware are at the top of the package)

    * If delivery and assembly is carried out by the seller, then the seller is responsible for the door until the door is handed over.

    # Check all locks on both sides, they should open easily and effortlessly.

    # With the door closed, the gaps between the door and the frame must be the same.

    * Important: the customer first accepts the door unit BEFORE installation, keeping the original packaging intact. Defects (scratches, notches, dents, etc.) found after installing the door unit are not covered by the warranty and are eliminated independently or for a fee.

    Tip: If there is no protective film on the door, but repairs are being carried out in your room, we recommend that you protect the door with plastic wrap and glue the door frame with adhesive tape.

    Before installing the door, you must:

    # Check the size of columns.

    # Be sure to insulate the frame around the perimeter from mortar and concrete drains, debris, dust, dirt!

    * The buyer should be careful, because quite often installers save on box insulation, which makes the box permeable and the sound insulation drops.

    # Screw on the fittings. (The handle must be secured with ALL hinges included in the delivery (clamping screws, torque screws and threaded bushing), this will ensure long-term operation of the mechanism and prevent it from “falling out”)

    # Doors must be installed strictly according to the level. The level must be checked both inside and outside.

    # Initially the door needs to be locked with wedges, this will allow you to adjust the position of the door before securing it.

    * It is recommended to place the wedges as close to the corners of the frame as possible.

    # Once the door is level, drill a hole for the anchors. (Drill walls other than concrete walls without knocking and use a long drill to prevent damage to the surface of the box when drilling with the drill chuck; blow through the drilled holes; the drilling depth should be deeper than that of the fastener.)

    * It is forbidden to use nails to fix the box in the box – even specially made ones.

    # After installation and temporary fixing, the box must be attached to the box using fixing anchors, observing the evenness of the diagonals.

    # Put the door leaf on the hinges and make sure that the door is level, the locks work easily, effortlessly, the leaf does not move on its own in the open position, the gaps around the perimeter are the same;

    * IMPORTANT: the plane of the sash must completely coincide with the planes of the edges, otherwise the sealing rubber will not work properly. To test the operation of the rubber seals, place a sheet of paper between the gap and the frame in different places and close the door (bottom of the door, middle, area near the hinges).

    Closing the gap between the doorway and the frame

    # Before installing the assembly seams, the surfaces of the door frame and the opening to be connected must be cleaned of dust, dirt, oil stains, ice and ice.

    # The gaps between the frame and the wall must be filled with a sealing mortar (polyurethane foam, cement-sand mortar, thermal insulation materials, etc.) Around the entire perimeter, including the cavity under the threshold. The mounting gap is filled in layers, taking into account the temperature and humidity conditions of the environment. The layers of the assembly joint must be continuous and without gaps along the entire perimeter of the column.

    # It is very important to adjust the hinges, the bearing must be attached to both the upper and lower hinges. This will ensure an even load distribution on both hinges and extend their service life. Hinges need to be lubricated from time to time as the grease dries out over time.

    * Due to the fact that repairs often continue after the door is installed, the cylinder must be flushed with dust after completion. This can be done with a spray of silicone grease by spraying the grease into the hole under the wrench.

    When installing MetaLux doors with outside access, be sure to:

    * The place of installation of the door must be equipped with a door canopy, which will prevent the ingress of precipitation and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on the powder coating or external decorative panel.

    * Install an unheated hallway from the inside of the door to a depth of at least one meter. This will help prevent the formation of condensation and freezing in the cold season on various parts and door mechanisms.

    MetaLux doors are not warranted if the door is not installed correctly and each door does not come with a warranty card.

    Manufacturer’s recommendations:

    Correct door-room layout:

    Living room – wooden or plastic doors – cold unheated lobby – metal entrance doors.

    If defects are found, the buyer contacts the seller at the place of purchase. The first claim for verification goes to the installer who installed the door. The installer checks that the installation is correct and makes adjustments if necessary. In the event of a manufacturing defect, a duly completed complaint form is drawn up and sent to the distributor or directly to the manufacturer if the shipment came directly from the factory. Replacement of the cylinder, lock, plywood of the seal is done by the installer.

    The completed Act together with the attachments must be sent to [email protected]. We draw your attention to the fact that if our specialist discovers an installation defect on site, the door installer pays the travel expenses.

    Information required by the Complaints Department upon detection of a defect:

    – photo of the defect (3-4 photos from different angles) or video.

    – passport photo with TKN mark and date of manufacture

    – model showing dimensions and opening side

    – customer contact information and installation address

    If it is necessary to replace MDF panels, then:

    photo of installed locks from the sash side

    view of the indentation panel (side guides).

    Support contact information:

    +371 25117599 Ādolfs Firsts Warranty Agent

    Email address: [email protected]

    The defect report can be downloaded here

    The delivery and acceptance certificate can be downloaded here

    You can download a special authority for handing over the product to a third party here

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