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    Lock replacement

    Home » Lock replacement

    You may need to replace the lock in two cases – if the lock is damaged or you want to replace it with a better and more modern type of lock. Our specialists will be able to help in both cases, providing detailed advice on the types and manufacturers of locks, as well as on which one to choose for your door. The assortment is wide and it is not always necessary to take the most modern and expensive locks.

    The cylinder is the most important component of the lock and is available in different models and sizes. Which one is better to choose, the master will best determine by looking at the thickness and type of door in the intended location of the lock and the desired level of security. The biggest difference is in the material of the cylinders and the type of unlocking – whether it is unlocked with a key on both sides, or the keyway is provided only on the outside and only on the inside with a rotary slider. If your door is thicker than the standard one, specialists will also be able to find suitable cylinder extensions to make the lock fit the door perfectly. The more precisely the lock is installed, the better it serves, since it does not cause additional friction and the lock does not have to be changed as often. In terms of strength, it is safest to choose locks with cylinders made of steel, brass or metal alloys. If the lock is intended for house doors exposed to constant humidity, special attention should be paid to the corrosion resistance of the lock and whether it has been galvanized.

    If you live in an area where frequent thefts have been reported, you might want to consider locks from manufacturers such as Abloy, which have a specially designed disc system to provide excellent protection against unlocking the locks. It is also possible to install additional safety pads and protective plates, making it difficult for thieves. On the other hand, if you are forgetful and can never remember if you actually locked the door, you can try the types of locks that will lock every time you close the door.

    The range of manufacturers also includes locks from Elbor, Mottura, Cisa and others. Well-known manufacturers in Europe. Each of the manufacturers and each of the locks has its own strengths, so be sure to talk to the master before choosing and installing to find out more about why you should choose one or another option. For example, there are locks whose keys can be restored even if the original set of keys is lost, so you do not need to change the entire lock mechanism. This is especially true for those who live alone and have no other family members with whom to keep copies of the keys.

    That is why it is so important to talk to the master about all the problems and shortcomings that have arisen with previous locks, so that you can more successfully find a solution to the problem that will match both your wallet and the required security category. With a variety of prices and variations, you will definitely be able to find a solution that will be exactly what you want. The main thing is to spend a little more time studying and consulting in order to choose the best one.

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