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    The production and sale of high-class steel exterior doors is the main economic activity of MetaLux. We achieved a lot by years of working in domestic and overseas market. One of our main achievements is external sales markets and door delivery to 12 countries around the world.
    The success of our company is based on continuous development and improvement. MetaLux strives to create all the conditions for not only pleasant but also mutually beneficial cooperation with customers. Today, we are happy to hold the industry’s leadership position. For the convenience of customers, in 2018 the company opened a warehouse in Riga.

    Tērauda durvis

    Steel doors M-Lux are modern with high performance quality.

    Range of steel door models

    The production area of our company occupies 9000 m2. And that’s not all. We plan to grow and develop both in terms of area and the range of doors offered. Continuous improvement of the production base, large investments in equipping the production plant with the latest technologies, professional development of the company’s employees, strict product quality control at every stage of production – all this allows us to produce a wide range of high quality goods.

    Today, the MetaLux door catalog contains more than a hundred reliable, safe and durable exterior door variants. Door models are available in the following collections:

    • “Elite”;
    • “Trend”;
    • “Triumph”;
    • “Status”;
    • “Milano”;
    • “ArtWood”;
    • “GrandWood”;
    • “Bunkers”.

    Each model in the collection has its own specific features and parameters, which can be viewed in the description of each product. The choice of doors is so wide and diverse that every buyer (even the most demanding) will find a suitable option in terms of both price and design.

    Door production stages

    The steel door production process is responsible and labor intensive. Not only the quality of the door, but also the safety of our customers depends on how responsible specialists will do their work.

    You can order different types of steel doors from us. Our experts are able to perform geometry and drawings of any level of complexity, because the woodworking department uses a milling machining center with CNC equipment and unique software. Production process control is performed in real time.

    The production process of metal doors consists of several stages. First of all, with the help of a press using a coordinate, a high-quality door blank is obtained from metal sheets that are bent, profiled or pressed. After installing the fittings, the door surface is degreased, treated with phosphate (to increase corrosion resistance) and dried. The final stage is the treatment of the door surface with polymer powder and the assembly of seals.

    The production process uses modern equipment from Germany, Poland, Italy and Russia. The connection of individual door elements is done by welding. The welding method is selected according to the thickness of the elements and can be implemented in semi-automatic mode or spot welding mode. The last welding mode allows to increase the production speed of the door, as well as increases the strength of the door and creates “aesthetic” welding seams.

    Door insulation and sound insulation installation are an important part of the production process. Non-combustible ecological materials are used for these purposes.

    Advantages of our metal doors

    Our main task is to produce reliable, high-quality and durable steel doors. In order to achieve high results, we are constantly improving and developing, but we use only high-quality raw materials in the door manufacturing process. The technical inspection service regularly inspects the quality of the products at all stages of production. In this way, we are able not only to optimize the door production process, but also to complete and deliver the order to the customer’s address in Eastern Europe and the nearest neighboring countries in the shortest possible time.

    Cooperation with Metalux provides a wide range of benefits, for example:

    • reliable, safe and durable doors;
    • regular improvement of manufactured goods;
    • use of modern technological equipment;
    • 100% product homogeneity;
    • efficient logistics system;
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