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    We have been selling doors for 15 years, if you also know and are sure that you want to grow, learn, improve with the company, do not hesitate to send your resume to [email protected]. For us, the main value is a person and respect. We believe that if a person respects himself, employees, managers, etc., then this person has unlimited potential. Motivation and respect are very important. But from the very beginning there should be respect, without it it is very difficult to learn something. With us you can learn to be a good person and a good employee. Is not that great?

    We have several vacancies in which you have the opportunity to prove yourself:

    1) Chief installer

    Requirements and obligations:

    • Should hava a B driver’s license. Truck bus driving experience.

    • Responsibility for the all tools and doors, and problems with them

    • Contracts

    • The company provides colleagues, work transport and tools

    • Ideally, but not required, if you have experience installing windows

    • Installation of wooden and metal, iron doors

    • Removing of old (previous) doors

    • Knowledge of building doorways

    • Loading doors, etc.

    2) Assistant installer

    Requirements and obligations:

    • Desired experience in assembling wood and metal doors

    • Will be good, but not necessarily, category B driver’s license

    • Installation of wooden and metal, iron doors

    • Dismantling of old doors

    • Knowledge of building doorways

    • Loading doors, etc.

    • Territory – Riga, Riga region

    • All tools and work transport will be provided

    • Always working together with collegue

    3) Programmer

    Requirements and obligations:

    • We are looking for a css / html / js specialist who can convert psd files to wordpress theme.

    • Be able to create wordpress themes from psd files

    • Know and understand the statistics of the Google speed insights.

    • Very good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

    • Very good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is desirable.

    4) Designer (Web Design)

    Requirements and obligations:

    • Experience in layout of psd files in css / html / js

    • Desired ongoing and professional knowledge of the latest web design trends

    • Desired experience of creating WordPress themes

    • High level of knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (you must have a portfolio of at least 10 works and at least 1 year of experience)

    • High-level knowledge in Adobe Illustrator (you must have a portfolio of 10 works and work experience at least 1 year)

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