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    Door repair

    Home » Door repair

    Door repair is an opportunity to extend the  lifetime of an existing door. Renovations are a good way to avoid buying a new door, especially if you use steel doors every day. New doors can be expensive, especially if you want quality, safe doors, but if old doors have served well and show only minor signs of wear, repairing them will help keep them intact.

    When repairing a door, the specialist conducts a complete inspection of the door, checking both hinges and locks, joints and door filling. During repairs, you can fix minor defects such as faded paint or loose parts, or even large-scale improvements, such as replacing insulation and locks. Specialists will be able to announce the modifications that need to be made when they carefully examine the door and see what damage has occurred, but to find out the approximate amount of work, you can contact the specialist in advance, telling about the door defects and desired improvements. After listening to you and learning more about the type of door and the existing damage, the craftsmen will already be able to suggest possible improvements and approximate costs.

    In the hands of the door specialists , everything is possible – we can change the color of the door to the desired shade, restore the protective top layer that protects the door from rust and moisture, as well as complete replacement of locks, hinges and other fasteners. If necessary, we will also take care of door insulation and other improvements, such as installing an eyelet, installing a sealing rubber to reduce noise, and removing old filler.

    The door is not only a protective shield for the house, it is an important element in the overall first impression of the house. By repairing the door every few years, you can timely prevent serious damage, avoid jamming the door and make sure that the door performs all its functions – it protects your home from cold and noise, serves faithfully and reliably closes even with intensive use and perfectly looks like.

    We can save a lot of money in our life, but the door is definitely worth the investment. If we trust our doors, we can feel safe even when far from home. If the door is in good condition and with quality locks, you can be sure that burglary attempts will fail – it will take too long for the thieves to open the door and can being caught.

    If the door no longer looks as good as it was, it is jammed or is closing with force, then it is definitely necessary to repair the door as soon as possible. It can be a service check as well, for example door hinges can be oiled, to Sometimes there may be a problem which looks much smaller as it is, but it cannot be fixed (repaired). Sometimes that the door itself needs to be checked and repaired for working fine again.

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